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  • Waxing

  • Facials

    • Signature Spa Facial $75

      Our most popular facial. Great for all skin types. This facial flawlessly cleanse the skin without causing any irritation. It's high in skin softening and emollient properties. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & C. It stimulates the skin's natural defenses and helps to fight against wrinkles. It promotes regeneration of the epidermis, as well as, hydrates and soothes leaving the skin feeling refreshed and more youthful-looking.


    • Gentlemen's Facial $55

      This facial, designed specifically for men, is a relaxing deep pore cleansing facial. Our focus is on exfoliating the epidermis and really opening up the pores, with the aid of steam, products and treatments rich in natural botanicals products which will help prevent and relieve razor burn, sensitivity and folliculitis. Afterwards, followed by an anti-stress facial massage, Fig Milk Serum treatment and light moisturizing.


    • Teen Facial $55

      Besides being invigorating and refreshing, a teen facial promotes a clear, healthy and glowing complexion. Adolescent skin generally produces more sebum or oil than mature skin, due to the hormone changes going  on in the body. Although the skin is usually well hydrated at this age, excessive oil can contribute to acne breakouts and blemishes. Along with a good daily skincare routine, a teen facial can help to unclog blocked pores, reduce oil, help clear up acne and diminish the appearance of pores.


    • Radiance C Brightening Facial $115

      Great for all skin types. This facial treatment is a custom-blended beauty boost of plant extracts, peptides and anti-oxidants that deflects environmental toxins from the skin and help to create a fresher looking, smoother-feeling complexion. Nourishing, citric fruit extracts, vitamin C rich, botanical peel, masks, serums and moisturizers to even out, brighten and soften the skin. 

    • Deep Sea Facial $85

      Perfect for Combination to Oily skin types, this facial treatment is all about the best from the sea. Rich Dead Sea Mud chucked full of nourishing minerals, like calcium and zinc combined with AHA. Lay back and enjoy a revitalizing and invigorating cleansing and exfoliation. Relax with a soothing steam and drift away during a luxurious facial massage. After which a Dead Sea Mud Masque is applied  followed by a 4 Spice Serum and Carrot and Mango moisturizer, to help heal, purifies and clear the skin of imperfections. The addition of the Alpha Hydroxy Acid, works with the essential minerals of the Dead Sea Mud, making this an effective facial treatment for soothing, healing, strengthening and deeply hydrating, leaving the skin tight, fresh and supple with a healthy glow.


    • Revitalizing Facial $120

      This facial is all about regeneration. Bringing vitality and freshness to the skin. Providing a youthful appearance with the ultimate hydration and skin firmness making it  perfect for all skin types. The treatment in this facial have a high concentration of fruit, plant and vegetable extracts that are beneficial to the skin. They reform dull, tired skin into fresh and revitalized skin. They are outstanding in regenerating and softening the skin as well. Natural Pink Clay infused with rich oils help to hydrate the skin and helps refine delicates lines. It moisturizes and improves the overall texture of the skin. It is rich in minerals such as iron and aluminum oxide beneficial to counteracting sagging skin and reducing signs of aging. Added with a Fruit Mask, Vitamin Serums and moisturizers rich in vitamins A & C, Chamomile, Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea, natural herbal anti-oxidants that restore, preserve and help protect the skin from aging and damage, your skin will look as good as it feels...fresh and new...soft and smooth. 

    • Balancing Facial $105

      This facial is excellent for combination to oily skin. A Sebum Normalizing Mask treatment combines the mild properties of Wild Pansy with a vegetable complex that eliminates toxins from the skin, purifies oily skin and gently provides deep pore cleansing without irritating or drying out the skin. An additional treatment of  Shiso, a Japanese Green Leaf, Ginger and Honey all wrapped up in a mask, work to soothe the skin, provide oil-free hydration and keep the skin clear and healthy. The final treatment is a Sebum Normalizing Serum. It a combination of various plants such as ginger, cinnamon, burnet combined with milk proteins that acts directly on sebum production. Its astringent properties help reduce the excessive spread of bacteria while regulating sebaceous gland secretions. Rosehip Seed oil for light moisturizing.

    • Age Defying Facial $130

      This facial is suited for mature skin of all skin types. It is non-abrasive and gentle on mature skin, and is designed to flawlessly cleanses the skin without causing any irritation and stimulate the skin’s natural defenses while softening the skin. One of the main treatments used in this facial, is a rejuvenating Natural Yellow Clay Mask, infused with rich oils, essential oils and vitamins that draws out toxins and deeply nourishes the skin. Non-ionized yellow clay is very mild for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. It contributes to cleansing the skin, toning and strengthening connective tissues. It is rich in titanium, potassium and silicon. The elements that are catalysts to the production of collagen. Added on top of that is a Wild Yams Root Extract and Elderberry Extract treatment mask. Wild Yam helps to improve cell vitality with renewed collagen, while Elderberry Extracts promotes skin that looks younger and feels more resilient. Finished off with Argon Oil to moisturize, a Ylang Ylang and Wrinkle Diffuser Serums to diminish fatigue and wrinkles. This facial is packed with a lot of nature's best to help defy aging.

    • Sensitive Skin Facial $85

      This unique facial treatment uses ingredients that provide healing, soothing, and decongesting effects for all skin types with problems such as broken vessels inflamed skin, acne and rosacea. Rich in ingredients like Green Tea, Fig Milk, Calendula, this facial immediately sooths the skin giving a feeling of relief, comfort and coolness. This facial will help to control blotchiness and reduce skin heat.


  • Nail Care

    • Shellac $35

      Removal of the old gel polish if needed, clean-up of nail and detailing followed by fresh gel polish application.

    • Shellac w/ French $45
    • Shellac Removal $22

      Removal of gel polish, nail clean-up and detailing followed by base coat and top coat to finish.

  • Manicures

    • Classic Manicure $25

      Includes: Detailed nail work & shaping of the nails. A nourishing hand soak, cuticles pushed, nipped and buffed, an oil treatment for the cuticles followed with your choice of nail polish colour.


    • Paraffin Manicure $35

      Includes: Detailed nail work, shaping of the nails, nourishing hand soak, cuticles pushed, nipped & buffed, an oil treatment for the cuticles, a light exfoliation and hand massage with hand buffing creme & a paraffin bath dip followed with your choice of nail polish colour.


    • EB Signature Spa Manicure $50

      Includes: Detailed nail work, shaping of the nails, nourishing hand soak, cuticles pushed, nipped & buffed, exfoliating salt scrub, an oil treatment for the cuticles, a 10 minute intense crème hand massage & a paraffin bath dip followed with your choice of nail polish colour.


  • Pedicures

    • Classic Pedicure $45

      Includes: Detailed nail work & shaping of the nails, relaxing soak (5-7mins) with essential minerals and oils, foot filed and buffed, cuticles pushed, nipped & buffed, a light foot massage (5 mins), oil treatment for the cuticles followed with your choice of nail polish colour.


    • Paraffin Pedicure $60

      Includes: Detailed nail work & Shaping of the nails, a relaxing soak (5-7 mins) with essential minerals and oils, feet filed and buffed, cuticles pushed, nipped & buffed, a 5 minute foot massage, paraffin bath dip (30 mins including dipping time), oil treatment for the cuticles followed with your choice of nail polish colour. 


    • EB Signature Spa Pedicure $75

      Includes: Detailed nail work & Shaping of the nails, a relaxing soak with essential minerals, salts and oils of your choice (15 mins), feet filed and buffed, cuticles pushed, nipped & buffed, exfoliating salt scrub of your choice (10 mins), a 15 minute intense foot and (half) leg crème massage, paraffin bath dip (30 mins including dipping time), oil treatment for the cuticles followed with your choice of nail polish colour.      See Choices for spa treatment in the Details section.

    • Manicure & Pedicure Combo $55
      Get a classic manicure and pedicure done together at a great value!
  • Make-up

    • Basic Application $45
      This service provides you with a look that is a little more than your everyday makeup look. We will create a look that is simple, professional and stylish. Perfect for work events, conferences and seminars, job interviews etc.
    • Prom, Evening $55
    • Wedding - Bride Consultation $65

      This booking is for a consultation only. In this meeting we will discuss the particulars of the day and event and the cost. We will go over different looks that the bride likes and come up with a beautiful look that will best suit the bride and her bridal party. A makeup demonstration will be done at the consultation for the bride to have a clear idea as to what she will look like and what to expect. This will also give the bride an opportunity to make any changes to the look. The cost of the consultation is a non-refundable $65 fee. This fee will be subtracted from the total when finalizing the cost of the service. Upon which, only the difference will be paid upfront the day of the event. If service is being performed at my location, the bride an her party will have full availability of my salon, meaning an allotted time will be booked off specifically for the bride for that day. If my services are required at another location, additional fees may be applied. 


    • Wedding - Bride $135

      Bride's makeup look and as well as any other cosmetic needs, will be decided at the consultation appointment. This must be done prior to wedding day. See wedding consultation for more details...

    • Wedding - Bridal Party $65

      Bridal party makeup look and as well as any other cosmetic needs, will be decided at the consultation appointment. This must be done prior to wedding day. See wedding consultation for more details...

    • Photography, Specialty Makeup $75
      This makeup service is for events where you will be performing on stage, competitions, under a lot of lights like photography or taking a lot of pictures, festivals, carnivals and parades where you need your makeup to be seen from a far. The application will be full coverage and in some cases very bold and colourful depending on the need. 
  • Eyelash Extension

    • Individual Lashes $65

      Eyelash extensions are semi permanent extension that are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are curved to replicate a natural eyelash. They provide length and thickness to your own lashes and are available in varying lengths and thickness. They are applied to your individual eyelashes, one lash at a time. There is no need for mascara even though a water based mascara is fine to use. The result is thicker, longer, eye opening eyelashes that are safe in the shower, sleeping or exercising.

      Whether you are looking to lash out with a sultry set of eyelash extensions or to pump up your natural lashes, extend your eyelashes for a beautiful and natural look and feel! Eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions or every day wear for vibrant, long and luscious lashes.

    • Eyelash Strip Lash Application & Lesson $25

      Learn how to put on full eyelash strips to either enhance your day look or night look. Learn the proper way to apply the glue, where and how to place the lashes on your eyelids and how to do your eye make-up so the application looks natural and flawless. Price include strip lashes, glue and lesson.

  • Fill at 2wks $25
  • Fill at 3wks $38
  • Fill at 4wks $65



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